Individual Therapy

As adults, it becomes increasingly more difficult to find a place where we can process our struggles and vulnerabilities. Designed into individual therapy are the mechanisms needed to feel safe enough to explore our vulnerabilities and foster growth. When we are hurting, or facing consequences for behavior that does not match with who we truly are, confusion can cloud our decisions. Meeting with a professional who is trained, has experience and seeks to create an environment conducive to healing, is a risk worth taking. If I am not the right therapist for you, I am glad to help you with finding the support you need. 

Group Therapy

Joining any type of new group can feel like one of the most anxiety producing events in our lives. However, when we take the risk, we usually find it is much more rewarding than our greatest fear may have been. Group therapy seeks to enhance the discovery of our blind spots and strengthen the loving truths of our identity. 

Alternative Options

In the near future, I aim to develop retreats and educational experiences designed for learning foundation skills and specific topics.